Reasons why you can’t lose weight!

dlaczego nie mogę schudnąć

A lot of you probably wonder why everyone around us can lose weight in no time, whereas we keep struggling with one or two pounds. Contrary to appearances, it’s not hard to find common issues everyone keeps stumbling upon. If you want to learn reasons why you can’t lose weight, we strongly recommend getting familiar with the content we prepared. It includes the list of common mistakes we do, things we should avoid, and some useful tips that will help you understand how to slim effectively, healthy, and without any risk!

Why losing weight is so hard?

dietBefore we tell you about basic mistakes a lot of people make, it’s very important for you to know that the whole process of slimming is not as easy as it may seem. There’s more to slimming rather than eating less junk food and exercising. We tend to underestimate the efforts body-builders and fit people spent on perfecting their bodies. It involves strict diets, properly planned day, and of course a lot of self-denial. Obviously, exercises are very important as well, but it’s not the only key to look better.

What mistakes people usually do?

1. We start slimming without any knowledge or preparation

It’s impossible to lose weight in the proper, healthy way without prior preparation. We mean here learning some basic information regarding nourishment, calories, and of course our allergies. Once we establish what we can eat and what we cannot, have a look at free diets and see how meals during your day should look like. Once you do that, there won’t be problems with bad mood, lack of strength, or being sleepy.

2. We focus on wrong things

It is one of the most common mistakes we all do. It’s one of the worst ideas to learn about slimming from celebrities and TV Series stars. There is no point in following people without any medical, health, or nutritional science background. We have to know how to balance our day, how many meals to eat, how intense workouts to do, and what changes introduce to our lives.

3. We give up so easily

If you haven’t trained or exercised throughout your whole life, do not expect that after a week, two, or three weeks there will be visible changes. Of course, you will lose some pounds, there’s no doubt about that. Nevertheless, first signs of your hardships can occur after a month or longer. That’s why we should stay motivated!

What to avoid?

Unhealthy food

We mean here pretty obvious things like junk food, fast food, and many other unhealthy meals that you probably eat. Let’s not forget about sweets like candies, cakes, cookies, and other. Even sweet drink will slow down the process of slimming!

Poor advice

Don’t listen to everything you hear or see on the television, from your friends, or in the Internet. Find legitimate personal trainer that provides free advice available for everyone, and stick to his or her guides!

Reasons why you can’t lose weight!
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