The most popular excuses for avoiding slimming and how to deal with them

the most popular excuses for avoiding slimming

What is the lamest excuse you ever heard regarding slimming? Have you ever wondered why people keep looking for reasons why not to begin slimming, instead of trying to find ways of dealing with them? Well, this kind of situation tends to happen very often. It is because we can’t fight the right motivation and change our way of life. Would you like to know what are the most popular excuses regarding slimming? Do you want to know where they come from? Read the following content and see for yourself how many insane excuses people have come up with!

“I don’t have enough time”

One of the most popular and the oldest excuses in the world. Everyone believes that slimming, working out, or keeping healthy lifestyle takes a lot of our time. How else can we explain finding time to cook meals every day, spending time in the gym, or simply eating in the specified time gaps? To be honest you don’t have to resign from anything just to begin your slimming session. You don’t even have to spend more than one hour daily to take care of your health. Of course, cooking meals that look exactly like in the movies or TV shows can be time consuming. Nevertheless, we can prepare simple, healthy, and what’s more important long-lasting meals that won’t cost you a lot of your time.

“I will always be fat”

Yet another problem people think cannot be solved. A lot of you think that if family has a tendency to eat more and weigh more, the same thing will happen to you. You can find a lot of examples in the Internet, and surely in real life as well, where overweight or obese people managed to get rid of extra pounds and now they lead a healthy, fit life. It simply shows us that we shouldn’t presuppose that slimming doesn’t make sense. We should try out, see how it goes, and once you realize this excuse was just a big lie, you will begin your slimming!

There’s no point in slimming while being on holidays

Everyone wishes to relax on holidays. The time we want to spend with our family or with our close ones should be filled with things we love doing. That is why a lot of you believe that while on holidays, we don’t need to watch out on things we eat. This excuse is; however, very dangerous and it will be yet another reason to carry on with unhealthy lifestyle, eating junky food, and all other things that will disrupt our future efforts to become fit or at least healthier.

Summary – how to respond to excuses

To be honest in many cases people use excuses because they just don’t want to do something. If someone is motivated to lose weight, they start searching for ways of doing it, not excuses. In other words, it’s hard to convince someone once they establish their excuse. The best thing you can do is to prove them wrong!

The most popular excuses for avoiding slimming and how to deal with them
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