Banana Diet – losing weight with bananas

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A lot of people heard about experiments and untrusted slimming programs that promise great loss weight, but in the end everything ends on nothing. Banana diet is a Japanese creation that became extremely popular a decade ago, when a pharmacist developed special diet that was to help her husband in not only losing weight, but also in improving his condition. Everything about this diet is simple, doesn’t require costly shopping, and it lasts only several days! If you wish to see why this slimming method offers such attractive features, take a closer look at this in-depth description!

Banana Diet – everything you need to know about slimming with bananas

banana dietThe idea of losing weight by eating only bananas is rather ridiculous. Who would’ve thought that it is all that takes to lose weight? Well, bananas alone are great source of many important nutrients for our body. Thanks to them, our organism is rich in potassium, an element responsible for providing water to our body cells. Except for that, bananas are also great because they offer us magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, selenium, fluorine, manganese, and iodine. All these things, combined together with yet another nutrient of the Banana diet, which is oat flakes and honey, guarantee amazing slimming process that won’t be interrupted by sudden hunger episodes (since bananas are high in calories).

What else makes Banana diet so interesting?

In addition to many advantages related to health matter, banana diet is also very cheap and very short diet that won’t jeopardize our body on any troubles. The whole cost of the diet limits to quality honey, bananas we can acquire from almost anywhere, and afore-mentioned oat flakes! Of course, it may be compared to starvation diet, since we eat almost nothing. Nevertheless, we don’t feel like it, and after 2-5 days, you will see the difference! Let’s not forget about the fact that this diet proved many times that you can lose unnecessary pounds very quickly!

So if it’s so amazing, why isn’t it more popular? Downsides of Banana diet

As you can guess, everything has its flaws. The same thing is with banana diet. If we are obese and we wish to lose not several, but dozens of pounds, then this diet won’t be the answer we are looking for. It isn’t recommended to apply the diet for longer than 5-6 days, unless you adjust it for your use. It is said that one of banana diet variations can last a month. Basically, it limits the diet to eating bananas, honey, and oat flakes in the morning, and then you carry on with your regular food. Obviously, in this situation you cannot expect such rapid results.

What’s more, if we wish to combine it with slimming exercises, you have to think twice. The diet that is based solely on bananas, honey, and oat flakes won’t provide you with necessary calories to workout. All the exercises you planned will end up on nothing, since your muscles won’t have enough protein to develop. That is why it is recommended to use the afore-mentioned variation of banana diet, where you can eat regular meals and apply the diet only in the morning.

Banana Diet – losing weight with bananas
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