Nordic Diet – Diet for people, who value local products and have enough time for prepare meals

nordic diet

Popularized in 2011, Nordic diet is one of the most recent approaches to slimming. As you can derive from the name, it focuses on eating food that are available in Nordic countries. We mean here Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. The whole focus of this type of diet is to get rid of sugar-sweetened beverages, other sugars, processed meals, fast foods, animal fats, and red meats. Except for that, according to Nordic diet, we should limit the amount of eggs, other meat, cheese, and yoghurt. But is this diet a good idea to follow? Can the way of Northmen occur to be successful? Have a look at basic steps we have to respect!

Who can benefit from Nordic diet?

fish nordic dietTo be honest, there is little limitation as who can follow this diet. People, who value local products and have enough time for prepare meals (at least an hour a day) should appreciate Nordic diet. Except for that, there are no strict limits when it comes to applying this method. Everyone can benefit from the diet. Of course people, who are not into fatty fish will find this diet difficult to follow, since it is based on many fish, including fatty ones.

How does slimming with Nordic diet look like?

It is more like an eating plan than a diet. It is very similar to Mediterranean diet. Why? It is because they both emphasize on eating fruits, berries, or vegetables. What’s more, we should also eat whole grains, seeds, and obviously fish and other seafood, herbs, and spices. What are the rules we should take into account?

The first rule is to limit the products of animal origin, and increase the consumption of plant foods. The northern diet focuses on such products as grain, legumes (including lentils, beans, or chickpeas). It also includes a great deal of vegetables and fruits. Except for that, we should also eat three times a week a meal that includes meat.

What are the advantages of Nordic diet?

First of all, it is proven that this type of slimming program can provide us with twice effectiveness than any other western program. What’s more, it is also beneficial dietary schedule that can also be used as prevention for many diseases and chronic illnesses. What’s more, it is a great alternative for Mediterranean diet, which is more expensive than the Northmen diet. What’s more, we can carry out with standard workouts and standard meals, without limiting ourselves.

What about downsides?

Even though it’s cheaper than Mediterranean diet, it is still very costly diet, since it includes a lot of fatty fish. What’s more, we can find here products available solely in Nordic countries. Because of that, we will have to look for alternatives in our countries. Let’s not forget about the fact that some of the products in this diet can increase the risk of developing stomach cancer and heart disease.

Summary and conclusion

This program is great for people, who have enough time and enough money to prepare balanced meals that are rich in minerals, vitamins, and other essential elements. Of course better results in slimming will be achieved once you combine Nordic diet with workouts or some activity. Bear in mind that this slimming program does not provide for exhausting and demanding workouts. Therefore, keep your exercises balanced and do not overheat yourself! This is the key for effective weight loss that will be combined with healthy lifestyle and improved performance of your organism.

Nordic Diet – Diet for people, who value local products and have enough time for prepare meals
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