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south beach diet

A lot of people search for not only diets, but also programs that will help them carry on with healthy lifestyle. A great idea is to try out South beach diet, a diet prepared and popularized by American cardiologist doctor Arthur Agatson. If you want to know how this diet looks like and what to do in order to lose weight and keep your organism in shape, here is an in-depth guide!

How does South beach diet looks like?

Before we move to the description of three phases of which this weight loss program is composed of, let’s have a look at basic information regarding the diet. As it was already mentioned, it isn’t just a diet that you can use for a week or two. It is a complete schedule that we can use for the rest of our life, provided we are satisfied with the food and with the results! The first thing that distinguishes this diet from others is the possibility to eat as long as you feel the need to eat! You are not limited by calories counting or anything like that. Obviously, we cannot overeat ourselves and we have to prepare at least three main meals and two smaller ones.

Let’s now take a look at food this diet is using. South beach diet involves eating vegetables, fruits, and whole grain products with high fibre content and low glycemic index. What’s more, it is recommended to eat good unsaturated fats, lean protein sources, as well as low-fat dairy products.

What are the phases of South beach diet? We can distinguish 3 phases in this program:

1. First Phase

First phase is the most difficult out of these three because it lasts 14 days and… we have to get rid of the products we love in everyday life the most. It includes things rich in carbohydrates, caffeine, and saturated fats. Except for that, we will have to get rid of pasta, rice, bread, sugar, and all the juices or other sweet beverages. Except for food restrictions, there is one other thing you need to follow. It is the time of meals. As previously mentioned, you have to eat three main meals and two snack meals. Bear in mind that these snack meals have to be one hour after one of these three main meals.

2. Second Phase

Second phase of the diet equals more food. We are not restricted to eating only lean meat, low-fat dairies, eggs, vegetables, or nuts. Now, we can also lay our hands on fruits as well as starch products. However, the introduction of these things have to be carried out with common sense. It means that during first 7 days of Second Phase, we have to eat 1 fruit and one high-quality starch product a day. In the second week of our Second Phase we can introduce more, another fruit and another product, but let’s not go crazy with them. In addition, we can drink a chocolate from time to time.

3. Third phase

To be honest, there is no plan you have to carry on in this case. Up to this moment (after four weeks of two phases with South beach diet), you should learn what to eat, how to eat, what to avoid, and how to keep your current body. Remember to avoid forbidden products and follow the rules we mentioned above to ensure great results!

Can I exercise while dieting?

The best thing regarding South beach diet is the fact that you can freely combine it with workouts! You are not limited in any way by this program. We can even add that once you mix dieting with exercises, the results will be even better than you initially expected.

South Beach Diet -Rules, foods, products
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