Top Ten Diet Fads: Why They are Unhealthy

New miracle diets are forever being introduced to the market as incredible and easy ways for dieters to achieve their desired weight loss results. As many dieters discover, these fad diets almost all fail to produce the results that dieters crave so badly, and many can leave dieters in worse health and physical condition than they were prior to starting these diets. In fact, some fad diets reduce the dieter’s intake of certain essential nutrients as to positively unhealthy. At the end of the day, dieting is a relatively simple means of weight loss and fat reduction, using traditional methods. Want more? Click here.

Rather than cutting, for example, carbohydrates completely from the diet in pursuit of some new fad diet, dieters would be well served by simply limiting their intake of unhealthy, complex carbohydrates in favor of more fruits and especially green vegetables. In fact, replacing almost any unhealthy choice with fruits and vegetables will produce positive results, upping the dieter’s intake of healthy lean nutrients, and reducing the consumption of fatty or sugar-rich foods.

Dieting in combination with cardiovascular and resistance training exercise will produce the best results. Frequent exercise in tandem with a low calorie, low fat diet rich in vegetables, lean meats and healthy fats are sure-fire ways to reduce weight and body fat.

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