How Fish Oil Can Make You Heathier and Help You Lose Weight

The benefits of fish oil supplements have been touted for several years and it seems that we’re just beginning to scratch the surface; new benefits are being discovered all the time. We are all familiar with some of the healthy attributes of fish oil: it lowers cholesterol and dangerous triglyceride levels. This is one of the most important traits since lower cholesterol and triglycerides result in a lower risk of heart disease. Researchers are discovering that this benefit is stronger than previously thought and fish oil is becoming a staple of doctors’ recommendations for good heart health.

There are several other conditions and diseases that seem to profit from fish oil supplements. Conditions that involve the brain such as depression, anxiety, mild bipolar, postpartum depression and stress-related illness are proving to benefit greatly from the consumption of fish oil. Taking fish oil supplements also improves joint function, dry skin, dry eyes and inflammation. There is even some promising research demonstrating that fish oil supplements can minimize and possibly even prevent the brain plaques caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

Did you know that fish oil supplements also appear to be very helpful in promoting weight loss? Several studies done recently have shown that fish oil aids in fat loss. The reasons that fat loss occurs when taking fish oil are still being examined. There is evidence that fish oil increases metabolism and reduces the number of fat cells, effectively reducing the total accumulation of fat. Further evidence shows that fish oil along with diet and exercise causes greater fat loss than diet and exercise alone. All of this research indicates that taking fish oil supplements while you’re trying to lose weight is a good idea. The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll reduce your heart risk and gain some health benefits.