Can Chromium Picolinate Really Help You Lose Weight?

Many people believe that Chromium Picolinate can help you lose weight, but is this true? People came to believe this because it was rumored that Chromium Picolinate reduced the amount of insulin resistance a person’s body will have, allowing them to burn fat easier. After this theory came to fruition, many studies were conducted to see if this was actually true flagyl pris.

The original study found mixed results, but a study in 2009 managed to prove the theory wrong. Obese adults with metabolic syndrome were studied to see if Chromium Picolinate had any influences on their insulin resistance. The study confirmed that it did not have any — or too little to notice — effect on people. The trails were later reviewed and confirmed that there wasn’t an effect on a person’s insulin resistance; however it did show an improvement in glucose metabolism in diabetics. The author of the review stated that although there were signs of improvements in glucose metabolism in diabetics, it did not change by a significant amount.

Other studies have shown different results, but so far there hasn’t been a big enough change in a person’s insulin resistance for a person to go out of their way by taking Chromium Picolinate to lose weight.

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